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Only the right advertising message makes the purchased advertising placement valuable. All marketers agree on this. However, this is not quite so simple in everyday work and requires a well-coordinated team from a wide range of specialist areas: Design, Development, Adserving and Media Buying. The process of creating advertising material thus requires a lot of communication and coordination work, which considerably increases the production time. The advertising message that was suitable yesterday may no longer be the right one today, or the media buyer may be missing the appropriate message for his targeting strategies. Due to the lack of flexibility, potential is lost or cannot be tapped. 

Format Gallery in Display & Video 360
Custom Templates as an extension of the Format Gallery

Google's integrated Format Gallery in Display & Video 360 (DV360) offers a variety of templates for easy and quick ad creation to help advertisers in this situation. Interchangeable elements such as text, image, color and call-to-action in a technically predetermined layout should give the necessary flexibility.
In practice, it turns out that these dynamic elements are sufficient, but the non-adaptable technical settings such as animations, font type and element positions turn out not to be desired and CI-compliant.
As a solution for this, DV360 in combination with Google Web Designer (GWD) offers the possibility to create custom templates. These can be initially produced according to your own wishes and uploaded to the DV360 Format Gallery.

Dynamic properties in Google Web Designer
With scheme to success 

After a layout has been created with GWD, individual elements can be configured as required with the Brand Awareness Schema and thus made available as exchangeable settings in DV360. For this purpose, different dynamic field types are available such as Image, Text, Rich_Text, , Color and URL.
In this way, already created advertising material can also be very easily dynamised and made available for individual creation in DV360: Built-in elements only need to be provided with a brand awareness scheme. A direct account connection makes it possible to push from GWD directly into the corresponding DV360 advertiser.
If GWD is already in use as a tool for the production of advertising material, the initial effort is very manageable. Otherwise, it would be necessary to reconstruct or adapt the advertising media used in order to obtain the advantages of linking DV360 and GWD:

  • Fast and free production
  • Possibility of dynamic rules for targeting strategies
  • Agile change capabilities for the media buying team for display campaigns.
Example of a custom format

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